Denis Holub

Denis Holub

Your CFX Coach

😎 CFX September Record-Breaking Month
🌠 September record-breaking month in new sign-ups
🌠 Septemeber record-breaking months in upgrades
🌠 September record-breaking month in rank advancements

✳️ We want to congratulate all the CFX members worldwide for an amazing month of September.

✳️ if anyone wants to understand why CFX is still growing faster than before, Watch theses interviews we had on or global call with our CEO Huaascar, Ron Pope, and Pablo Millan….

✳️ Here are all the recordings from all the important interviews we had these last 2 weeks.
PLUG in and Take Some time and Watch/Listen to these Videos THEN Share them ALL with Your Networks, Friends and Family #LegacyCompany 🙌🙌

😍 Something Different Something New 💚

🔺Powerful Call with CFX CEO

👉 https://vimeo.com/458737842

🔺Ron Pope Discusses THE FUTURE of CFX

👉 https://vimeo.com/461576994

🔺Pablo Millan of EverFX Speaks on CFX Success and Future!

👉 https://vimeo.com/461863215

🔺Building a Legacy Company ! ! !

👉 https://vimeo.com/461087523

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