Denis Holub

Denis Holub

Your CFX Coach

Taking Risks in the face of uncertainty can be stressful.

What is the one thing you have been wanting to do but have not taken the Leap of Faith and made it happen?

Many times we continue to convince ourselves the timing ⏱ isn’t right.

The Circumstances are never going to be Perfect.

Jumping into the unknown can be scary 😟 and we can be tempted to wait until the conditions in our Life are fail safe and absolutely perfect before we take that leap.

Yes. It is important to always weigh our options and make rationale decisions, but remember. Things will rarely fall precisely into place.

Waiting for the stars ✨ to align could be an endless wait.

Mindfullness can help us tune into our Fears, Question our reluctance and give us a clear direction to be able to make rationale decisions. It also allows us to examine our emotions, fears and challenges.

Once you examine your choices. Take a deep breath and TAKE ACTION.


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