That’s a $BILLION with a “B”

Denis Holub

Denis Holub

Your CFX Coach

That’s a $BILLION with a “B”

The PowerTeam has officially crossed the $$BILLION DOLLARS in Revenue 🥳🥳🥳

In only 2 short years working as




Together WE all have reached this amazing milestone 🚀🚀🚀

✅ Together WE have changed the lives of over 330,000 global partners in over 190+ countries (and counting)

✅ Together WE have gone thru great times and some not so great times but we always move forward as a unit with patience and perseverance

✅ Together WE have seen the market crash several times and then rebound to ATHs because we know what crypto is

✅ Together we have experienced challenges and solutions and always move forward with progress

✅ Together WE have created a culture unlike anything else in Metwork Marketing History!!

Something Different 💯

Something New 💯

Congratulations to every single member of the PowerTeam


The BEST is yet to come!!

And anyways remember

WE are ALL this together 🤝


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